High above the center
of the labyrinth,
where I sit sipping
the last of my wine,
the Host of moon
is scraped flat to the east,
but still generously lights
the thread across my palm
showing red dye
awakened by sweat and
smeared like blood
on the day Theseus
fought the minotaur —
now a mere skittering
of enormous, whistling bones
leaning on shadowed stones;

Tugging the thread,
I know that Ariadne’s nap
long since ended curled
in Dionysus’ arms; this thread
leads out to the rocker rails
at my grandmother’s feet, now,
and I pull myself along
right and left and left again
until after many long turns
I’m seated again at her knee
As when I was small;
Today my arm is long
and reaches round her waist,
still strong, and warm
Though her eyes fade and withdraw
From a few feet away,
this close, touching,
she hears every word
and her eyes widen and sparkle
recognizably the woman
I remember,
hanging on to her own thread,
twisting knots of memory
between weary fingers.



Athena talks with Khaos — NaPoWriMo day 27

Zeus-sized migrane.

Zeus-sized migrane. I found this illustration from D’Aulaire’s at

while light trickles
in perfect electronic
across the screen horizon —
— the images of
Thousands of miles
of cables and wires
Strung across naive,
Naked wilderness
and garroting naughty,
thoughtless cityscapes,
sweep mirage-like
before the mind’s eye,
laying all to waste
at the feet of


* * *
Recently, the school where I work offered to finance at no interest over ten months the purchase of Ipads for interested staff. I signed up for mine yesterday. This morning, I spent three hours in a workshop on Google drive. Plus there are all the hours I spend in front of electronic devices for both work and play. Between writing, teaching, playing video games and occasionally indulging in mindless crime shows, electronics take up more of my time than I care to admit.

If you’re wondering about the title, Khaos (Chaos) was believed by the Greeks to have existed before anything else (even before Gaia) and was the goddess of air (among other things — Wikipedia is helpful if you want the basics), and though Athena is warlike, she is also the goddess of wisdom and sprang fully formed from Zeus’s forehead (mind?). “Future” here had a physical, statue-like feel to me and because that’s the way my brain turns, I thought of my old D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths and all the Greek ideas and beliefs that became so much fiction so quickly. Khaos isn’t in D’Aulaires’, but I guess I’m not six years-old anymore and may have read and thought one or two other things about Greek mythology since then. Thanks for stopping by! ~LD