A Door Ever Open

More of C. Patrick's eye

This photo is published here with permission from C. Patrick Neagle. Please check out his writing at goblinbrook.wordpress.com AND on Amazon: Essays in Travel and Humor volumes 1 (Wanderer) and 2 (Nomad).

A simple complexity is the
archetypal door;
passage to another plane
Middle Earth
all await.

breath of Life

we face this door,
this very one,
with its defaced
concrete-block frame
and the creeping unknown
across the darkened threshold.

Still, we lie down,
Trusting in sunrise,
and pull the aging,
comforting quilt
up over our shoulders,
say our prayers,
close our eyes,
and take the step

into the heights
of the unknown
Every night.



The “Two Boats” inspiration story

I bought a large print of the photo below for Mom (something like 21 x 31 inches) and had it framed at Christmas.  She liked it so well that she decided right away where to hang it, though it’s still not been hung. (I think she wants to paint that wall first. Maybe.) To be fair, it is sitting on the dresser below the target hanging zone where she can see it.

Then, she commissioned me to write a poem to go with the print.  I finally finished the “Two Boats” poem the week before I went to Texas to visit this summer.  You can find the final version of the poem below.

Two Boats by C. Patrick Neagle

C. Patrick Neagle’s other photos can be found at his zenfolio site: http://cpatrickstudios.zenfolio.com

I promise to make another shameless plug for Patrick’s work as soon as I figure out a few more technical details. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these two companion pieces. ~LD

Two Boats

Tied together in water and wood,
blood and bone,
this traveling party of warriors,
poets, water gypsies
now docked
and still in the surly sunset.
The skins once stretched
smooth around her bones
today reveal the lie
of the great grey slab
slung so calm and cool
across the circumference
of the glazed horizon.