Communities You Might Like — NaPoWriMo2015 #17

How equal do we want
boys [who] don’t wanna get makeup on their lips?
Kids who are more than hoop-jumpers,
serious contenders.
Life could be significantly better:
Smooth with one hiccup –
we are breaking the law.
Land on a comet;
you don’t have to feel guilty when it’s homemade.
Not everyone sees it:
Archeologists of the Internet.


The Prompt: a “social media”-style poem.

To compose this bit, I snagged a bunch of headlines and posts from twitter, google+, Facebook, my blog roll, and even Pinterest that I thought were interesting. I kept the best bytes and separated them by line, though no line is a complete headline (except the title) or even line from a post; each line is from only one source. This came together something like found poetry. The only alterations I made were deletions, and the bracketed addition. Only the last line is my own, though the organization and apparent “topic” kind of found its way organically.

I’ve been woefully absent in the return to class from a delicious break for Holy week and and Easter week. I may or may not be able to backtrack through the four missing prompts / days of poems. We’ll see how the essay grading progresses. ‘-) Hope you had fun  with this one; I did!




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