Assume Nothing — NaPoWriMo2015 #9

stained glass Napowrimo2015

Today’s prompt: “write a visual poem. If that’s not specific enough, perhaps you can try your hand at a calligram? That’s a poem or other text in which the words are arranged into a specific shape or image. You might find inspiration in the famous calligrams written by Guillaume Apollinaire. And a word to the wise — the best way to cope with today’s exercise may well be to abandon your keyboard, and sit down with paper and pen (and maybe crayons or colored pencils or markers!)”

I thought on this for a while this morning and early afternoon, then resorted to using a giant mandala I’ve been working on for a while (ahem…years) and magnetic poetry. I don’t really feel like these words are mine, but I didn’t find them anywhere else (thank you, Google). Perhaps it’s something I heard someone say once? In any event, I’m benevolently stealing them.

One reason I did this analog instead of digital style is my technology skills sometimes just frustrate the inspiration right out of me, which also explains why the photo I’m including is so small. I’m a little bummed because it actually looks pretty cool on my dining room table.


glass doesn’t

make it




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