Hablando Sola — (3 of 5 senses) NaPoWriMo #17

I talk to myself in both languages.

The musky, chile flavor of Spanish
Seems simple of sound
But, de repente, estoy enchilada
With the unexpected heat
Of words that never
appeared on a vocabulary test.

Hablo sola en los dos idiomas

The milky sweet scent of my native English
— with its nearly inexplicable vowels —
fills all the corners of my home
from the folds of the curtains to
the creases of clothes in the closet
y ni modo I must live with it, living without.

The silky, smooth, liso Spanish
runs comfortably, if not easily,
under my fingertips and over my tongue,
and the seersucker texture of English
me sale facil, if not comfortably
over my tongue and under my fingertips.

Asi que, if I must talk to myself,
Que sea en los dos idiomas
Para que
the day tastes
and suene completo.



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