Lab at Emu Lo — NaPoWriMo day 24 — anagrammatic

Annealed odor,
a dandelion hoer
heralded onion,
adored henna oil.
Adorn one
roan doe, inhaled.

Idler noon ahead.

A denial –
Dead Aeolian horn –
Honored a deadline.


* * *

I didn’t get a chance to read the prompt until quite late; even so, I spent a couple of hours messing around with it before I realized the point wasn’t to use the anagrams in each line, but rather to use the words of the anagrams to build something else. So I reworked it a bit with that in mind, but I will probably revisit this idea and use just the words, not whole phrases (as I did here with some adjustments). Did anyone figure out the anagram in the title? ~LD


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