Fortune Cookies for my Smart Phone — NaPoWriMo day 21 — Frank O’Hara

Fortune Cookies for my Smart Phone

Everyone wants to be as smart as you.
All numbers are lucky for you.
Alas, the rest is mostly bad news.
You will suffer popularity for a time. Enjoy it.
No one will leave you alone.
Accept your role as alarm clock with grace.
Watch out for soup and drinks in wide-mouth glasses.
Cross your leggy buttons, they will still let your battery run out.
Not everyone has to be touch sensitive; work around your limitations.
Turns out you are not the smartest one in the room.
When the model upgrade happens, bow out gracefully.


* * *

I wanted this to be more clever than it actually turned out, but maybe that’s just not me. Of course, it could be that my smart phone is not especially smart. A characteristic that is more my poor choice than anything else. I’ll do better next time (at least in my phone choice). =) Just nine more days of daily poetic delight to go. Have a great poetic spark, y’all! ~LD


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