Generator Wanted — NaPoWriMo day 20 — use someone else’s (intriguing) word list

I’d like to own
a Saturday generator,
a machine to create
an extra day to squander
when the need arises
for miraculous, mercurial
curl up hours
upwind of a cup of coffee,
downwind of a good book,
and south southwest
of a long nap.
Wouldn’t it be grand
To manufacture
Time that way,
so that never again could
obligations abscond
with living?


I loved the word list in today’s prompt (it’s saved in the word doc on the comp) and could have gone on and on, but stopping here captured how I felt this afternoon when, after a voluntary computer training class at school (it was interesting and productive — no sarcasm) I came home and took a nap, thinking to have a normal forty minutes of drifting, woke up three and half hours later. Guess I was tired. But my whole afternoon was just gone in a flash. A little while later as I was looking at the words, I realized my computer clock was still reading Friday, April 19 and it gave me a longing deep in the pit of my stomach. Fun stuff! Have a great rest of the weekend! See you tomorrow! ~LD


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