Save the Day — NaPoWriMo #14

So many things
That should be written
in poetry,
in which the poet
has incomplete experience

Injustice and inequality
Corruption and callousness
Narcos, and big brothers,
Freedom fighters
and individual, weapon-bearing

Seen from afar
Through a lens muddied
By money or influence or privilege,
Truth is indiscernible

Still, poems need to be written,
but only by those
who stand before the beasts
and can speak
with uncloven tongue.


* * *

Fourteen days, thirteen poems. I have wanted to follow the NaPoWriMo prompts because of the challenge they present, but I wish I could have tomorrow’s prompt tonight if only to have a bit more time to “perk” an idea. Today’s prompt, write from another voice — a distinct and discernible voice — proved impossible without time to imagine a voice strong enough to overcome my own voice(s). So today, I got stuck on the superhero idea implied by the prompt, and wrote something completely in my own voice about an imaginary “hero.” One who is beyond influence. This isn’t a particularly good piece, but it says some things I’d like to be able to write well. Themes for another day, I suppose.

Hope you’ve had a fine and full weekend and that your week is a good one! See you tomorrow. ~LD


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