Dust Storm — NaPoWriMo #10

Counting days
of dancing wind:
Wind stomping at windows
sliding between the cracks
of the threshold
swirling under our feet
sashaying in newly green leaves.
Hour after endless hour
she steps
the dust of her rotting
skirts remains behind.


* * *

“Spring”, hot and windy, is not my favorite time of year in the desert. While I appreciate the visual beauty and turmoil through well-glazed windows, the day-to-day fact of it is not my favorite thing. Worse, wind like this used to be followed by rain. But we’ve not seen a real rain here since mid-September, and there’s none in sight now. So this is my NaPoWriMo unlove song to the wind. Maybe it will make it go away. ‘-) Anyone wanna take bets on that?

Happy closing of the week, folks!


3 thoughts on “Dust Storm — NaPoWriMo #10

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