Dressed in Night

I clacked the zippo shut
Against the night
Salty scent of rosinol lingering
and lifted my feet to the desktop
flicking up the brim of my feathered navy fedora
and leaning back in the boss’s leather;
I watched grey smoke ribbons rising
Backlit by city lights


* * *

About yesterday. FAIL. Going back to work after 16 days of vacation, plus a structured structure was more than I could take. I will try to pick up April 8’s ottava rima this weekend, but no promises.

As for today, well, I spent the whole day (between teaching and you know, work) winding up a tale of the gal with gams walking through the office door and not knowing what to do with a gal gumshoe, but honestly, this was the only part that didn’t seem utterly contrived. So, here you have, LD’s version of “noir.”

See you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Dressed in Night

    • Hey! I’m really glad you like this! I’ve been reading your pieces, too, and looking for places to say something…mostly I’m left thinking. I’ll find words eventually. Meanwhile, thanks for your continuing reads & comments! ~LD

      • I suppose thinking is really the highest Compliment.

        I like your words. They are succinct, with a feeling of open space. A door blown open in the poet, that can’t be re shut?…

        Anyway, it is lovely to be haunted by it.

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