Long Past Mourning: A Valediction (NaPoWriMo#6)

If I had done goodbye well,
I’d have curled my hands around
the angles of your jawbones
and drawn you in for one last kiss
one last lingering gaze;
your blue,
or green,
or brown eyes
swimming with my own fickle greys.
I’d have been able to explain
the need to take wing
before I flitted away.
I’d have said that my love
was not a lie, and to always remember.
Perhaps, it would have hurt you less,

Instead I fled,
simply and painfully,
ripping away threads
carefully woven —
without a second thought
for a new pattern —
into the arms of another
with brown,
or green
or blue eyes

Where I stayed until
our ghosts
under the bridge
in the elevator
in the bath
making buttons fly
on the stage
on the roof
in the wilds
and all the precious, rich details
melted down like chocolate
became so much
smoky dreamstuff
of a life I didn’t know
that I had lived.
Until I remembered
that when I let you go
I never said


* * *

I dreamed of a long ago love a few nights ago, and it was surprisingly sweet. I guess that’s where this started, though many other loves in the interim are intertwined here with that very early one. This is a piece, like Adonis and Aphrodite, that I need to do more with. This is not a bad place to start.

Have a great end of the weekend! ~LD


7 thoughts on “Long Past Mourning: A Valediction (NaPoWriMo#6)

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  2. Wow! I love the imagery of this. Thanks for sharing your poetry with us, I have enjoyed it very much and look forward to more. Hugs!

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