Two Cinquains: NaPoWriMo



of passing time
tangibly display life
in 3D fixed frames perching — still —

At the Movies: Two Thumbs Up

A life
considered in prose
revealed gentle, thoughtful
compassionate, analytic


* * *

I included both the pieces I came up with today because the first, the tribute to Roger Ebert, is off in line two, but I wanted to say this. The other is more precise, but precision is not my specialty, so I’m sure the stresses are off somewhere. Cinquains are harder than they look!

FYI, this photo is mine, as is the shadowbox in it. And a little more information: I’ve been including these prose post scripts more for myself than for you, though I hope you don’t hate them. The point is not to explain the poem, but rather to remember the process. I’ve never been much of a poet, though it is my favorite thing to write; I’ve never taken a challenge like NaPoWriMo before, so I’m curious to see, after the fact, what it was like from one day to the next.

Happy weekend! ~LD


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