Er-Lie in the Morning

I did not take this photo. It's from

I did not take this photo. It’s from

The open freeway is a kind of sea
At sixty-five, maybe seventy, miles an hour
black sails roiling against asphalt waves
that rocked our white pick up ship past
two-thirds of
Texas seas:
oil pumpers
small towns
Stuckey’s billboards
and finally city trees.
We sang pirate shanties
for hours
from the back seat, but no pirates, we.


* * *

Today’s prompt was hard, “Write a sea shanty.” I know a couple of them, and it was too hard to get away from those other people’s words. So, I gave the prompt a bit of a twist and wrote about learning the sea shanties that I know, on the road. To be entirely repetitive, I found this piece hard, but these are curiously happy memories, though I always hated that drive as a teen. I wanted the title to sound like we sang it when it’s read; I don’t know if this worked, you can tell me in the comments. Looking forward to a new prompt tomorrow. Have a great night, y’all! ~LD


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