Truth is a Lie (Haiku series)

come to the desert
to quench a lingering thirst
for the rainforest

in a rainforest
surrounded by dunes of leaves
shake sand from your hair

walk a country lane
where the skyscrapers whistle
in tune with finches

on a city street
run fingers over corn silk
in labyrinth rows

hike in a car park
smell sage and rosemary tang
as your feet crush on

wherever you go
take the known in a knapsack
of where you have been


* * *

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to crunch something out for today’s prompt, but apparently wrapping my brain around a prompt is half the fun. “Write a poem that is a lie.” I suspect that many poets will find, as I did, that a lie is often the truth, in spite of itself. This piece seems a little obvious to me, but I had fun messing with the syllables and finding words that I don’t use as often as I might. My favorite bit is the knapsack at the end. “Always carry a towel” or something to that effect. Before I found the way with this one, I wrote:
The problem with a poem
That is a lie
Is that a poem is always true
Even the ones that lie.

“See you tomorrow! ~LD


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