Mundanities: A Letter in Two Parts; Part One

This week, I read a rumor that blogging is on the decline, a waning fashion, that it will, in fact be replaced by something else (pinterest? Tumblr? Some other thing we haven’t imagined yet?). Before I read the report (I wish I’d been paying attention, but I don’t know where I saw it), it had occurred to me that having started a blog and continuing it is the height of self-indulgence, despite my reasoning to the contrary. And while the thought gave me pause, it doesn’t seem to have slowed me down much, here on ~LD’s inky blog.  So here’s a question for you, Dear Reader: Why do you blog (if you do)? Why do you read any blog, anywhere? Have you thought about the end of blogging? What did you imagine?

Don’t worry, I won’t abandon this bloggy, self-indulgent practice.  Frankly, it was quite a step for me to decide to put my writing out in a public zone of any definition – going backward is not an option.  And having given such a long-winded disclaimer, I’ll leave you to the letter, part 2. ~LD


4 thoughts on “Mundanities: A Letter in Two Parts; Part One

  1. Well, since I currently have four blogs…I may be a little obsessed with blogging. It is self-indulgent in the sense that no one asked me to start a blog to share my life/opinions. I started my two original blogs so that friends/family on both sides of the ocean could keep up with our goings on. I continue to do it because I think someone SHOULD care about my life and that perhaps I have an opinion worth sharing. I blog to get feedback. Same reason I post to facebook.

    • This is a helpful answer. As a writer who has “suffered” from a life-long case of disbelief, I think I lacked that sense that “someone SHOULD care.” I don’t know that I take it for granted even now, but I’ve seen and understood better the way we (people, families, friends) relate in the tiniest, most subtle ways, so I’m willing to go out on a limb. Just in case someone DOES care. Thanks, Amanda. As always, you’re an uplifting part of my virtual and real life universe. ~LD

  2. I have never blogged, but I read a lot of them. I read some of them for information on “domestic” things, cooking, cleaning tips, coupons for the store, etc. I read other blogs to expand my horizons; to hear someone else’s perspective, to learn about what is happening in another part of the world, to keep up with the everyday happenings of my family and friends.

  3. Blogging, vlogging, Facebook status updates, Twitter tweets, Reddit posts, and all the other nearly innumerable ways of expressing ourselves online is our ‘barbaric yawp’. In a culture where some of our closest friends — the ones we communicate with the most; the ones we know the most about — may be ones that we’ve never met in real life, an online presence _is_ our presence in the world. What we write here and throw out to the aether, hoping that maybe, just maybe, someone will read it, be affected by it, is our means of saying to the world, “Here I am! I exist! I matter!”

    But then, that’s how we have always been. Writers, artists, and other creative types may have been the loudest — with our demands that hundreds of thousands of people read our books, admire our paintings — but humans are social critters and we want others to know us … maybe to remember us. So now that the possibility of reaching the many is available to so many in the form of the intertubenetwebs, it is understandable that we utilize it. That we raise our yawp to the silicone sky and cry out the wonder of our existence — even if it’s just to post a YouTube video of our cat playing a harmonica.

    Will blogging go away? Micro-blogging (Twitter, et al), has made inroads on it. But there will always be a place for the more in-depth examination, whether it be book-length, article-length, or blog-length. The form may shift, but the Yawp! will echo on.

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